Jamie Bibler

Co-Founder + CEO


As co-founder and CEO of Bon Vivant, Jamie brings with her 10+ years of experience in hospitality and event management. Her vast knowledge and experience ranges from restaurant and hotel sales, event design, coordination and production. Since her move to Nashville in 2012, she has had the opportunity to cultivate invaluable relationships, and quickly became a resource for many in the industry. Jamie has a true passion for people, experiences, and the city of Nashville.


Jen McMakin

Co-Founder + cmo

Jen McMakin is the co-founder and CMO of Bon Vivant. As a Nashville native, Jen has been immersed in the culture of the city for years, with a close connection to its continual growth. Jen previously served as the Marketing Director of M Street Entertainment Group, known for many successful concepts including Virago, Kayne Prime, Whiskey Kitchen , and The Rosewall. Her experience in the hospitality industry has strengthened her genuine passion for relationships, customer service, and all things entertainment.